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In several cases, adolescents girls are more at risk of getting and Eating Disorder, but men and older people can most definitely suffer from these illnesses as well. While each journey with an Eating Disorder is unique, there is one thing most of them have in common - the obsession with food stems from a feeling of lack of control over other aspects in one's life. 

For different people, the onset of disordered eating can be credited to different behavioral, psychological or physical events in their lives, or the lives of people close to them. However, there are some common patterns and signs you can look out for such as frequents dieting, very fast weight loss or gain, irregular or lost periods in women, decreased libido in men, frequenting the bathroom during or after meals, eating in isolation, increased sensitivity towards people's comments etc. 

Watch this space for more physical and behavioral signs you can look out for in yourself or your loved ones to prevent early disordered eating from spiraling into full blown Eating Disorders.