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As a Treatment provider

As a Treatment provider

Eating Disorders are grossly misunderstood mental illnesses, where support options range from non-existent to extremely limited across our country. Cases in India have been rising steadily over the past decade but lack of awareness gives rise to a lot of misconceptions. While we create credible content for generating accurate awareness around the topic, it is crucial that we are able to bring together like-minded professionals and create a complete support structure for those in need.

We are looking to partner with Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists etc. who focus on well-being and a healthy body image, and connect them with those looking for support.

Freed is an NGO and doesn’t charge/ provide any monetary compensation for this work. We are simply a curated, trusted directory of professionals. Each professional, however, is free to charge whatever they deem fit to anyone reaching out through our platform.

India’s youth needs to be better equipped to deal with modern society and technology’s several challenges. We are trying to take a step towards an overall healthier society and would truly appreciate your help in getting there.

Please reach out to us at collaborations@imfreed.org to find out more on how we can collaborate.