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Who are we?

Freed is a non-profit organization that intends to encourage conversations about eating disorders in India and provide support to individuals and families affected by them.  


Eating disorders are extremely pressing concerns in society today. Due to stigmas and a lack of awareness around these mental illnesses, they tend to get neglected or invalidated. Today, with unrestricted access to social media, people of all ages are consuming unhealthy content, driving unrealistic ideals. Social media paints rosy pictures of false standards of beauty, health, happiness and physical-mental fitness. So, it is unsurprising that our impressionable youth responds with a heightened sense of body dissatisfaction, eventually disrupting their eating habits and lifestyles!

Eating Disorders are grossly misunderstood mental illnesses, where support options range from non-existent to extremely limited across our country. Cases in India have been rising steadily over the past decade but lack of awareness gives rise to a lot of misconceptions. The time to act is now!


Freed steps in to bridge this gap and provide a safe stigma-free environment, a support structure, for people for prevention, cure, education and intervention. We want to re-imagine a world where men and women feel empowered to truly accept and respect their bodies.

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Our mission is to enable holistic well-being in India through diverse, credible and inclusive resources for support, education, and advocacy for all eating disorders.


Our vision is to create personal and cultural paradigm shifts by encouraging conversations, internal reflection and action around eating disorders. We envision an India where people look at, and embrace their bodies with compassion, acceptance and respect.


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