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Our Work

Eating disorders are highly stereotyped and underestimated in India. Our team, along with an army of volunteers and partners, work hard every day to build Freed’s knowledge platform, so no one in India, who may be suffering, feels alone and misunderstood. 


We are a highly mission-driven organization, and each person associated with Freed is highly committed to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. In order to ensure that we build sustainable paradigm shifts in how our society thinks about these mental illnesses, we rely on 3 pillars:



Shame and guilt prevent many people from reaching out for support. To break this stigma, we need to bring the conversation around wellbeing, food and disordered eating to the forefront. 

We do this by building in-house education modules and using them

to sensitize people through: 

  • Online educational events

  • Corporate and private workshops

  • College outreach 

  • Social media communities 



Because of a severe lack of awareness, there is little to no support available for people affected by eating disorders and related concerns! To correct this, we aim to build Freed into a one-stop platform for a credible ecosystem for support. 


We do this by curated programs and resources such as: 

  • Freed Fellowship (a curated fellowship to train Master level psychology students) 

  • A diverse, background checked professional network 

  • A free, judgement-free, and anonymous Chat Bot

  • Various partnerships to build the right skills and expand the current ecosystems



Years of engrained stigma is extremely difficult to break down. But with dependable data, we can empower institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals, insurers, workplaces, insurance companies etc. to stop and make evidence-based policy changes. 


We enable this pillar through: 

  • Detailed literature reviews

  • Focus group discussions

  • 1-1 interviews

  • Surveys and polls 

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