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Dr. Mahek Singh

our Dr. In Action

With a decade’s experience in social work, Mahek is passionate about helping organisations and others find and exercise their agency and purpose. She has wide-ranging experience of working

across geographies, organizational sizes, and focus areas, and is excited to help build Freed into a community that fosters trust, support, and a safe space for expression. Mahek believes in bringing not only professional acumen but also empathy and compassion to her work. 

A sentence about your favorite non-work hobbies: When not working, Mahek loves to sing, walk along mountain roads, or cook up a storm.

Head of Operations


Kamakshi Malhotra

our Head Visionary

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Having gone through the journey of recovery from severe Anorexia, Kamakshi holds the cause of Eating Disorders extremely close to her heart.With a deep understanding of the pain points of several stakeholders involved in the process, and a network of working professionals that were excited to contribute to this cause, she started Freed in late 2020. 
Kamakshi comes with a background in engineering, strategy, entrepreneurship, business development, and scaling small businesses. She holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and an MBA from Insead. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, working with startups, mentoring young women, painting and being outdoors in nature.

CEO & Founder

Faces of Freed

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Tanmay A. Banarjee

our Opps Dynamo

Tanmay Banerjee, a skilled and experienced psychologist with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology. He's got a proven track record of developing and implementing successful operational pipelines and strategies and has been instrumental in managing projects and teams effectively. Tanmay's expertise in wellness coaching, school counseling, and remedial education has been invaluable in delivering exceptional services to our clients. In his free time, Tanmay loves to try out new technologies and contribute to open-source projects. He also practices vipassana meditation to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Project Manager
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Sanjana Jain


our Community Wizard

Sanjana is a Social Worker specializing in Mental Health from TISS. She works on interventions based on bridging accessibility structures, community rehabilitation of the homeless, and mental health. Since her college years, she has been actively working in low-income spaces to train and facilitate mental health programs for children, teachers, and social workers. Through her work, she brings an interesting socio-cultural and feminist lens to understanding Eating disorders in the Indian context. In the (rare) free time she gets, she likes listening to music, journaling, hooping, and spending time in pretty parks with sunshine and flowers.

Mental Health Facilitator & Researcher
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Chetna Chauhan

our Bulb of Creativity

Chetna is a creative strategist. Chetna’s interests lies in visual arts, aesthetics, and design communication. Their work is composed of people, spaces, and stories that they experience in their daily life.


Most of their work has been in development sector and they wish to make more conversations around art, politics and it’s intersections. They aim to use design as a tool to bridge the gap of understanding and accessibility.

Visual Artist
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