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This year’s 6am reflection!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I’m so familiar with this feeling - the same feeling every December - how is it the year end already?!

Every year feels like it goes by faster and yet, every year leaves me feeling like it has been a long one.

And every new year, when I sit down to do my year-end reflection and think deliberately about the 12 months that just passed by, it’s the same feelings of gratitude and excitement, mixed with optimism and hints of nervousness about the future. 

This year was a personal big one for me. Lots of highs and lows - but this morning, I woke up at 6am feeling strangely content. The excitement that followed, urged me to pen it all down.

I finally found my groove as a “double hatter”

This past year has been a big lesson in context switching - going from highly emotional interactions with families dealing with Eating Disorders to thinking about governance and fundraising, and everything else in between. Learning to quickly go between research and  partnerships, to finances and organization design has been tough. Zooming in and out to be able to add value to any conversation I’m a part of, is still work in progress - but I’m feeling way more confident about it! 

I found myself a home, albeit just temporarily

After bouncing around different locations and airbnbs, I finally settled down and found myself a little home. The grounding that brought me is inexplicable. Having a dedicated workstation has been so helpful in keeping me in the headspace of being at work! I did it up with plants and some of my artsy creations, and I instantly felt like a creative block was lifted from over me. As Freed grows and throws more complex challenges at me, having a familiar grounding space is just what I need to keep going! 

I got engaged to the best partner a girl could dream of

3 years of partnership, filled with several adventures and conversations, later…my partner and I decided to get engaged this year. It’s hard to think of a highlight that shines brighter under the light of this news. I’m lucky to feel so confident and secure about this decision. On to more firsts…


But do I feel Freed yet? 

Not entirely…I’m close though. Working on Freed, with an incredibly supportive and dedicated team, has been one of this year’s biggest blessing. We achieved so much, and are mindful of how much further we have left to go. Validations from the people we’ve tried to help, and complete conviction in our cause is what keeps the fire in us alive. I still have an itch inside me to do more, build more, help more…and I know we will. 

So as we bring in 2023, I want to share the happiness and hope I feel in my heart, with everyone reading this. From me and all of us at Freed, here’s wishing you a healthy, happy and hopeful New Year. 

PS: a quick reminder that New Years, and other holidays can feel very intimidating to those of us who are battling disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. If you, or someone you know, needs an ally or some help this new year, please feel free to reach out to us at 022-35005611

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