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Encouraging Conversations on Eating Disorders in India!

Our Story

Freed is a non-profit organization that intends to encourage conversations around eating disorders in India and provide support to individuals and families affected by them. 

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I turned to the only thing I had control of Food. With the ease of food delivery services, there I had access to food 24x7 without ever leaving home. I would order large amounts of food, almost every night. Then, with a sudden feeling of guilt washing over me, I would force myself to throw up. This was a vicious cycle.


I still chase this constant feeling that the body I have isn't correct and would only rightfully be loved and cherished once I lose weight and fit into the perfect body.


I am constantly thinking about what I am eating, in good and a bad way. Its exhausting to think about it all the time. For someone who doesn't know what an eating disorder is, it's not as simple as being disciplined about your food. It's a lot more. It's connected to a lot of other mental health issues as well. A person might look at me and be like oh you're so fit but internally I'm thinking I'm the most unhealthy person ever. It's internal. You look at yourself and you can't see what you truly look like, those lines get blurry.


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