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Encouraging conversations on Eating Disorders in India
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Who are we?

We are a not for profit organization focused on Eating Disorders in India

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Eating Disorders are serious but treatable physical and mental illnesses

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How do I start?

Asking for help can be intimidating and confusing, let us help you get started

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Get Involved

Are you passionate about creating a place where everyBODY feels whole and loved?

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About Us

Freed is a non-profit organization that intends to encourage conversations around eating disorders in India and provide support to individuals and families affected by them. 


I turned to the only thing I had control of Food. With the ease of food delivery services, there I had access to food 24x7 without ever leaving home. I would order large amounts of food, almost every night. Then, with a sudden feeling of guilt washing over me, I would force myself to throw up. This was a vicious cycle.


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